Facebook….for Business or Pleasure?

I love Facebook, let’s get that out of the way right now. There are a lot of Social Media sites that I am involved in and receive benefit from, but Facebook is my current favorite. Of course, with the active users coming in at 175 million and growing at the rate of over 260,000 a day, I am obviously not alone.

I admit that when I started using Facebook it was purely for personal connections, friends and family. However, I have seen the light now, and have opened it up to my professional connections as well. Most Facebooker’s are not aware that you can actually place your “Friends” into lists and decide what in your profile they get to see. If you have been thinking that you don’t want your professional contacts to have access to the pictures you post or what is written on your wall, a solution has arrived.

With a few clicks you can set up lists, and determine what the people in those lists are able to view on your page. Here is how…

First, go into your friends tab and click on the “Make a List” tab in the left hand column. Choose the name of your list. Make it simple by creating three lists; friends, family, and professional.

Once you create a list, you can go through your current friend list and select people to include in the list. From now on out though, you place Friends in the lists as soon as you send or accept an invite to become a Friend.


social-networkingNext, you will need to go into the privacy settings to customize what people can see. Go to the settings tab at the top of your screen and click on privacy settings. Then click on Profile. You can now set the parameters for your lists.

For instance, if you don’t want anyone from your “Professional” list seeing your pictures. Go to the Photos Tagged of You drop down menu and click customize. On the bottom of the pop up window you will see an Except These People , choose whichever lists you would like to prohibit from seeing your tagged pictures. I think everyone should place some level of security on tagged photos of themselves, because these are pictures other people may have posted and tagged you in. Their discretion may not be in line with yours.

If you would like to prevent people from seeing the pictures in your photo album, just click on the Edit Photo Album Privacy Settings and then determine who sees each album.

Don’t let fears of what others might see on your profile prevent you from growing your network if that is your desire. Remember, the control is in your hands.


ASTD Meeting

Today I spoke at ASTD about the virtual options available for meetings. ASTD is the American Society for Training and Development. One of the exciting things ASTD is involved in is Second Life, which is an online 3-D virtual world. In Second Life, you create an avatar of yourself and attend meetings or events happening online. ASTD national has embraced this platform and has an ASTD island with scheduled meet-ups every Wednesday. I encourage ASTD members to explore this opportunity at http://www.astd.org/resources/secondlife/.

I also mentioned today that I would include a link here to some information for job seekers. Go to http://linkedinformarketing.com/ and listen to available podcasts by Jorge Olsen. Best of luck to all those looking for new opportunities right now.

I will post the webcast of our session once I receive the link.

Please feel free to contact me at AprilLBroussard@gmail.com with any questions or comments as well.

Fun Apps

Hello All,

I wanted to let you all in on some fun applications I have run across lately. If you are a music lover the first one is perfect for you.  Have you ever been driving down the road and hear a new song that you know is going to shoot to the top of your fave list? Now you can have the song title and artist sent directly to you in a text message with Nabbit.com. If you register your cell number at Nabbit.com all you have to do is text “Nabbit” and the radio station numbers or call sign. For example, I text “Nabbit 88.1″ and whatever is playing at that moment on my station, whether songs or advertisements, will be sent to me in a text message. Best part…it’s FREE!

If you are saying to yourself…”Now, April, I surely don’t text message while I am driving”. Two things; One, you are safer than I am on the roads, and Two, you are going to need this next app. Another fun app is Jott.com. This one sends hands free emails or text messages with your voice. So, in the earlier example, now you wouldn’t need to text your message to Nabbit, instead you would call Jott and tell Jott to send a text message to Nabbit. It’s very simple. Converts your voice into text and off it goes to Nabbit. Hands-free…nice, right? There are obviously a lot more ways to use Jott than just getting your favorite song beamed to you. You may like the ability to update your Twitter by voice or have it compile your To-Do-List (or your To Achieve list as my girlfriend prefers to call it). It’s not free, but close, with plans starting at $4 a month, it’s worth looking into. 

Enjoy your new apps!

Article from Forbes.com


Yes, CEOs Should Facebook And Twitter

Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta03.11.09, 04:35 PM EDT

Web 2.0 is no longer just for teenagers.

Social networking has clearly reached a tipping point. Sites like MySpace and Facebook boast hundreds of millions of members. Barack Obama’s presidential victory demonstrated that platforms like YouTube and Twitter could transform electoral politics. Yet in corporations where such tools have been expected to bring profound transformations, there has been strong resistance to change.

Many corporate executives either dismiss social networking as a time-wasting distraction or regard it as a risk management problem. Much of their fear has focused on potential risks like security breaches and data privacy.

Web 2.0 evangelists, on the other hand, argue that social software can be used to boost productivity. They say it can facilitate an open-ended corporate culture that values transparency, collaboration and innovation. Most important, it can be an effective way to build a customer-centric organization that not only communicates authentically but also listens to customers and learns from that interaction.

In the current stormy economy, as companies look for new ways to market their products and engage their customers, chief executive officers are finally looking more and more at how social networking tools can extend their brands, create corporate cultures based on listening and learning, and establish their own leadership profiles.

To read the entire story go to http://bit.ly/r8k3j

Social Networking in Plain English

Social Networking in Plain English 8:07pm

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I’ll be speaking at…

I’ll be speaking at the ASTD meeting on March 19th covering the topic of how to incorporate virtual components into training sessions. As a former trainer, I really relate to this group and the struggles that they face. I am looking forward to sharing how technology can make their jobs easier and increase their impact.

I will also be speaking on March 26th at The Secrets of Social Media seminar. We have some great talent coming…Starr Hall and Matthew Chamberlin will be speaking. I will be discussing how to use Facebook for business purposes. I am very excited to be a part of it! Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/azu9gf.

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