Loved This When I Found It….

A Poem for People Like Me


no matter what

the time or day,

we always have

so much to say –

we talk, we twitter,

text and gab,

we chit, we chat,

we blog, we blab,

we tell it straight,

we tell it true,

you email me,

I  IM you,

on our cells

or at the mall,

or writing on

each other’s wall…

from “hi-hello”

to news that’s global

face to face,

online and mobile,

up to date,

and in the loop,

we know what’s what,

we scoop the scoop…

there isn’t much

that we don’t share,

because we can,

because we care,

our next topic

to discuss?

this world needs more

real friends like us!


I found this when I was searching for a birthday card for my girlfriend and couldn’t resist buying this and sharing it with you all. Thank You Carlton Cards!