Smart Apps for Smart Phones

“Hello my name is April and I have an app addiction.”

“Hello April” (I can anticipate your collective response.)

It’s true. I don’t think that I am personally prone to a lot of addictions, well except for sweet tea and my semi out of control tab addiction…let’s face it, when you have 20 tabs open on your computer at any given time….you have a problem!  I must admit that this app addiction is the most fun though. There truly is an app for everything!

I have an iPhone now but I’ve run the gamut on different phones…Crackberry, HTC’s and Palms. When it comes to apps though, iPhone blows everyone else out of the water…for now. Although, droids may start giving them a run for their money soon.

So, I thought we would go over some of my favorite must-have apps today since I do speak on the topic.

1.)  Pro On Go Expenses. Love it! You can take a picture of a receipt, it will categorize it on it’s own and then you can send it to Excel, make a PDF, upload to quickbooks. Never type up another expenses spreadsheet again! You can try it for free for a little while, but worth the purchase when it’s time to pony up.

2.)  Trip It. If you travel a lot, this one can help you organize your trips and stay on top of the details. You email your confirmation of your flights to your Trip It account and it automatically adds them in. Then you always have easy access to your flight information. (Comes in handy on days like today where my flight was delayed …but I’m sure that NEVER happens to you!)

3.)  Yelp. Looking for  a restaurant, pharmacy, movie theater close to you? Have no fear, Yelp is here. Uses geo-tracking to pinpoint where you are and identify the places close to you.

4.)  Siri. My newest favorite. Welcome to having your own personal assistant. You literally speak your need into the phone and “she” (I don’t know why but I just think of Siri as a girl) helps you. If I want to find the closest Bank of America I just ask Siri and she gets me an answer and a link to map it.

5.)  RedBox. Did you know that you can reserve your movie at a RedBox before picking it up? Awesome! No more heading down there on a Friday hoping that something is left worth watching. Just reserve it and pick it up at your leisure – it’s a faster process too, swipe your card and it spits it out for you.

Okay, that’s enough for now. All of these are on the iPhone, however Blackberry and Droid users can check their application directories because some of these are already there as well.