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Social Networking Workshop for Beginners:

How to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for your Business

In this course you will learn how to use LinkedIn & Facebook for your business. We will briefly hit on Twitter as well.  For LinkedIn, we will focus on what is important in your profile, how to get recommendations and use groups to meet the people you need to meet. In Facebook, we will discover how to divide friends into different groups and give them different permissions. (Your professional contacts don’t have to see everything your friends and family have access to!) Also, I will teach you some tips & tricks about getting rid of all those annoying applications.

Social Networking Workshop for Intermediates:
How to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for your Business
In this course we explore how to use the search features effectively in LinkedIn, along with how YOU can become the subject matter expert for your industry. We will also build Facebook Fan/Business pages and get some great ideas on how to grow your fan base. Last, but not least, we will start Twittering. I’ll teach you why Twitter is really NOT a waste of your time if you are looking to market your business!


Blogging Basics: Why, Where, What & How

If you’ve heard the blogging buzz out there and have tossed around the idea of jumping in but aren’t sure where to start, this is the workshop for you. We will be starting a WordPress blog, one of the most popular and user friendly blogging sites. You will learn how to navigate it and build in the widgets that you want. If you don’t know what a “widget” is, don’t worry…I’ll get you there!



  1. Don’t know if I hit the “submit” button. So, here goes again. Heard you speak @ North Florida Hotel & Lodging Assn. We are interested in attending your next “Social Net Working For Beginners Class”

  2. April, thanks for holding us spellbound yesterday at the SGMP meeting in Gainesville! We were absolutely riveted to our seats… so much to learn, and you somehow made it fun! Thank you!

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